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Updated May 13, 2024
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This information in this article applies to certain types of admins on Dropbox Professional, Essentials, Standard, Business, Advanced, Business Plus, and Enterprise.

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  • The activity log is not currently fully integrated with Dropbox Capture.
  • The following activities are being logged: Signed in, Linked App for a member, Created Shared Link.
  • The following activities are not being logged: Deleted a Screenshot, Deleted a Recording, Made a Comment, Deleted a Comment, Trimmed a Recording.

In the admin dashboard, you can find information about how your team is using Dropbox, including how many licences your team is using, inviting new members and approving invites, and viewing the security status of your team members.


Learn more about the features of the admin dashboard.

Watch this video for a tour of the admin console.

View team activity

To view your team’s activity:

  1. Log in to using your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin console.
  3. Click Security. 
  4. Under Monitoring, click Activity tab. 
  5. Filter results to view the activity you’d like to see. You can filter by Date, Activities, People, Participants, and Content type. 
    • To filter by activities, click Activities.
    • To see activity that took place during a specific time period, enter a start and end date under Date.
    • To view recent activity of a specific team member or multiple team members, click Members then enter the name(s).
    • To scan files, folders, or Paper docs, add a keyword to the field next to Content.
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  • Usage data is available beginning January 2017 or when your team started using Dropbox.
  • You may see a "processing" message when trying to view dates for which we're still processing the data.
  • If your Dropbox team is new, your charts will be empty because there's no data to show yet.
  • If you’d like to see more detailed activity on your team, you can also view team sharing activity.

Watch this video for a quick walkthrough of how to view your team's activity.

Create and export an activity report

To create and export an activity report:

  1. Log in to using your admin credentials.
  2. Click Admin Console.
  3. Click Security.
  4. Under Monitoring, click Activity tab. 
  5. Use the filters to select the type of data and the time period you’d like to export.
  6. Click the Generate report icon (bar graph in a square) to the right of your filters.
  7. Select the report type you want to generate. 
  8. Click Generate.

The report will be saved as a CSV in a folder called Dropbox Business reports. You’ll receive an email when the report is ready.

What can I see in activity reports?

Each entry in the activity report shows:

  • Date: The exact date that an action took place
  • Member: The member that initiated the action
  • Activity: Details of the event itself
  • Content: The type of file 

Generally, team member actions appear in activity logs in a few hours. At most, actions appear within twenty-four hours.

Admins have the following events available in their team activity reports:

  • Apps
  • Comments
  • Devices
  • Domains
  • File operations (Advanced and Enterprise only)
  • File requests
  • Groups
  • Logins
  • Members
  • Paper
  • Passwords
  • Reports
  • Send and track activity*
  • Sharing
  • Signatures page activity
  • SSO
  • Team folders
  • Team policies
  • Team profile
  • Two-factor authentication

*These events are only available to customers on Dropbox Business and Business Plus.

†These events are only available to customers on a paid Dropbox Sign plan or Dropbox Standard, Advanced, Dropbox Business, or Business Plus. 

If you’re a team admin of a Dropbox Advanced or Enterprise account, you can view all file-related actions on your team. File-level activity includes adding, editing, moving, and deleting files. You can use these events to investigate and troubleshoot problems, such as accidental file deletions, misplaced files or folders, or information security audits.

Replay in the activity report 

The report now allows admins to review their team’s Replay activity, including:

  • When a team member logs in to Replay for the first time or connects their Dropbox account to Replay
  • When a team member uploads a file to Replay, including the file name and the uploader
  • When a team member deletes a file, including the file name and who deleted it
  • Any changes to team policies for Replay content
  • When links are created or modified for files in Replay, including:
    • What file it links to
    • Which team member did it
    • Whether the link is watermarked
    • Who can access it:
      • Anyone: Anyone with the link
      • Logged in users: Only users who are logged in
      • Team only: Only members of your team
      • Team + Approved: Only members of your team and approved users

Why do I see "Dropbox" in the Name column?

On rare occasions, Dropbox can update listings in your account on your behalf. Some admins may see “Dropbox” listed in the Member column because:

A team member deleted a nested shared folder

When a team member deletes a nested shared folder, the name of the person who deleted it appears as “Dropbox.” Certain types of admins can see the name of the team member by following these steps:

  1. Click Create report.
  2. Open your report in Excel.
  3. You can see the team member’s email address in the “Context” column.

You’ve asked Dropbox support for help with a task

If you've contacted Dropbox support, any action we take appears on your Activity page as a task attributed to “Dropbox.” These actions include inviting the original set of admins for your team. However, the Dropbox support team doesn’t do anything on your account without your permission.

Dropbox has updated your account

The Dropbox system periodically updates your account to keep it current with new Dropbox products. These updates appear on your Activity page as tasks attributed to “Dropbox.” These actions can include renaming or moving team folders or updating your Dropbox team account with new products. Otherwise, the Dropbox system doesn’t do anything on your account without authorization.

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