Dropbox Shop guidelines

Dropbox Shop is committed to nurturing a diverse, vibrant, inclusive, respectful, and safe digital space for creators and audiences.

  • We know that our guidelines won’t get everything right all time. We’ll be receptive to feedback from our community and iterate as we learn.
  • We’ll empower our internal panel to make tough calls and regularly review/revise our guidelines.
  • We acknowledge that there will always be gray areas. When navigating them, we’ll give creators an opportunity to appeal adverse decisions, and engage in a constructive dialogue with us.

The guidelines below expand on our Acceptable Use Policy which also applies to the use of Dropbox Shop.

Copyright and trademark infringement

Dropbox Shop cannot be used to sell material in a way that infringes any copyright, trademark, or other rights to that material.

Pornography, adult/mature content, human exploitation, and sexual services

Pornographic content broadly defined to include nudity, depictions of sexual acts, content related to sexually-related services, or other types of sexually-oriented or adults-only content is not permitted to be sold through Dropbox Shop.

Physical goods or offline services

Dropbox Shop cannot be used for the distribution or sale of promotional codes or discounts, nor can it be used as payment processing for a physical good or offline service. 

Hate speech and discrimination

We don’t tolerate anything that attacks, belittles, or otherwise attempts to harm an individual or group of individuals, such as attacks based on their race, religion, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or physical/mental condition.

Bullying and harassment

To ensure Dropbox Shop remains a respectful and safe community for all participants, we don’t allow bullying or harassment in any form.

Incitement, promotion, or glorification of violence

Depictions of extreme acts of violence or content that incites, promotes, or glorifies violence (whether or not it includes a depiction of a violent act) has no place on Dropbox Shop.


We do not allow the dissemination of somebody else’s personal information to harm, harass, intimidate, or put them under duress.

Promotion of misinformation

We accept that there may be content sold through Dropbox Shop that represents conflicting points of view, and we are not here to arbitrate between fact and fiction. However, some forms of misinformation can lead to real world harm. Dropbox Shop does not allow the sale of this content.

Promotion or glorification of suicide or self-harm

Content that may be viewed as promoting or glorifying suicide or self harm will not be allowed on Dropbox Shop.


Items sold on Dropbox Shop should match their description. The sale of fraudulent items is prohibited. Items should not be part of a fraud (i.e. a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme).

Digital content associated with or that encourages or enables illegal or dangerous activities

For example, Dropbox Shop cannot be used to sell designs or manuals for weapons, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia.


We do not allow listings that promote gambling of any kind.

Currency, financial instruments, or fake documents

We do not allow listings that promote the sale of currency, financial instruments, digital currency, fake documents, government issued documents, or other documents not authorized for sale (i.e. vaccine cards). We do not support the sale of NFTs.

Child protection

We take special care to prohibit the sale of content that may be harmful to children, including, but not limited to, self harm-related content and child sexually exploitative material (including material which may not be illegal child sexual abuse material but which nonetheless sexually exploits or promotes the sexual exploitation of minors).

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