Complete the get started steps to earn storage space

The get started steps introduce you to the basics of Dropbox. Earn bonus storage space for your account or claim promotional storage space for eligible devices by completing the get started steps. 

To complete the get started steps:

  1. Sign in to and visit the get started page.
  2. You'll see how much space you can earn by completing the steps. Click the steps to complete them and earn space.

Steps you already completed are crossed off.

Note: You must be logged in with your Dropbox account while completing the get started steps to receive credit.

Sections in this article:

1. How to install Dropbox on a computer

Download and install Dropbox on your computer. 

Note: Tablets and phones don’t count as computers for the completion of this step. To complete the step Install Dropbox on another computer, download and install Dropbox on another computer you have access to.

2. How to add files to your Dropbox folder

Learn how to add files from your phone, computer, or

3. How to take the Dropbox tour

Click Take the Dropbox tour to visit the tour. Click the forward arrow on the tour to learn more about Dropbox.

4. How to share a folder

Sharing a folder with someone makes it easy to collaborate. Anyone you invite to your shared folder can edit files in the folder, and the changes sync almost instantly.

5. How to invite friends to Dropbox

You can invite friends or colleagues to Dropbox.

When you invite someone to join Dropbox, you and your friend receive bonus space if they:

  • Use your invitation to sign up for a Dropbox account
  • Install the Dropbox desktop app on a computer
  • Sign in to the Dropbox desktop app on that computer

You can check the status of any invitations you've sent by logging on to, going to your account page, and clicking View all space earned.

6. How to install Dropbox on your phone

Install the Dropbox app on any phones or tablets you use and sign in with the same Dropbox account you used to complete the other get started steps.

If Dropbox came preinstalled on your phone or tablet, you've already completed this step. Just sign in to the app on your phone or tablet to start using Dropbox.

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