What's a shared folder conflict?

A shared folder conflict is a folder that Dropbox creates to protect users from accidentally committing confidential content to a shared space. 

Shared folder conflicts can happen if your Dropbox app is turned off while you edit a file inside of a confidential folder and another user moves or edits that folder. The next time your Dropbox app syncs, it’ll create a new folder within your Team Member folder as “[file name] (shared folder conflict)”.

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What do I do now?

You can move the conflicted file out of your Team Member Folder back to its original location. You can then delete the older file with the same name and the conflicted file from your Team Member Folder.

How can I prevent a shared folder conflict from happening again?

To prevent a shared folder conflict from happening again, make sure that only one person at a time edits confidential folders and files. 

The easiest way to do this is to move your file out of its Dropbox folder while you’re working so that nobody else can access it. Once you're done editing, you can move the file back into its original location.

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