Dropbox admin console

The admin console on dropbox.com is your central hub for visibility and control. Depending on your admin role and Dropbox Business account, you’ll see different tabs that help you oversee users and team workflow, and invite team members to create accounts.

How to: access the admin console

In the admin console, you can set team-wide controls and permissions, find account information, and get support. Explore each area of the admin console before setting up your team:

  • Members: Add or delete team members, monitor their activity and take quick actions (e.g., reset passwords or add another member as an admin). (All admins)

  • Activity: Monitor your team’s workflow by viewing specific events or creating full reports. You can access more detailed information by clicking on a team member's name. (Team and user management admins)

  • Content: Manage and monitor team folders, shared folders, and shared Spaces. Admins can add, delete, and copy shared and team folders, and manage folder membership. (Team admins*)
  • Groups: With groups, both admins and team members can create lists of people who should have access to the same files, folders, and Dropbox Spaces (based on departments, teams, or projects). (All admins)

  • Account: Add more licenses to your plan, update billing information, and review billing history. (Team admins)

  • Help: Get access to resources such as the help center and this guide, or contact your account team for additional help. (All admins)

*Available to all admins on Enterprise teams.

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