Learning Dropbox

There’s a lot more to Dropbox than we’ve had the chance to cover here. While this guide helps you walk through the most important steps for getting started, you can learn even more with our other great learning and troubleshooting resources.

And of course, if you ever get stuck, Dropbox support is just a click away.

Further training

In our self-guided learning library, you can explore Dropbox features at your pace. With an eye to your own work, you can pick and choose topics that help you best learn how to make the most of your Dropbox account.

You could also join a free Dropbox learning live session to sharpen how you use Dropbox. Our live instructors guide you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Dropbox with the interactivity of a virtual classroom.

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Get all your questions answered in the Dropbox help center. FAQs, quick fixes, and official info on every Dropbox feature… No matter what you need, it’s just a search away.

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The Dropbox community is a place to participate and collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about the products and services we all love and want to improve. Also, check out the conversation on Twitter support.

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Need to talk with someone? Not to worry: You can reach us via email, phone, or chat, depending on your plan type. Visit dropbox.com/support for more details.


  • @mention: a way to notify someone of a comment or to-do on a file, Paper doc, or overview
  • avatar: an image that represents your user or account, shown as your profile picture, initials, or a person icon
  • branded sharing: a feature that displays your logo and a background image when sharing content with others
  • the cloud: a network of storage locations that allows you to access content over the internet, instead of from a local hard drive or removable storage device
  • cloud content: files that are created and stored online, like Dropbox Paper docs and G Suite or Microsoft Online files
  • cloud storage: online storage space that can be accessed by different, connected devices
  • computer backup: a feature that automatically backs up certain folders on your computer’s hard drive
  • content: any kind of files and folders you create or store on your devices, such as documents, spreadsheets, videos, and photos
  • Dropbox App Center: a place on dropbox.com where you can find, connect, and manage third-party apps
  • Dropbox Basic: a free Dropbox plan designed for individual users
  • Dropbox Family: a paid Dropbox plan that has more storage space and features than Dropbox Basic and can be shared by up to 6 people
  • Dropbox Passwords: a desktop app, mobile app, and browser extension that lets you save and sync usernames and passwords
  • Dropbox Plus: a paid Dropbox plan for individuals that has more storage space and features than Dropbox Basic
  • Dropbox Professional: a paid Dropbox plan for individuals that has more storage space and features than Dropbox Plus
  • Dropbox Paper: on online document workspace with easy-to-use writing, sharing, and collaboration tools
  • Dropbox Transfer: a feature that lets you deliver files and folders that are large or don’t require collaboration
  • Dropbox Vault: a feature that provides a PIN-protected location in your Dropbox account
  • edit access: a way to share files and folders with others that allows them to edit your content
  • Family manager: The person who purchases a Dropbox Family plan and manages memberships and billing for the plan
  • Family member: A person who joins a Dropbox Family plan and shares the storage space with other members
  • Family Room folder: A common folder that all members of a Family plan can access
  • file request: an invitation you can send to others to ask them to upload files to your Dropbox account
  • linked account: a feature that lets you sign into both a Dropbox Business account and a personal Dropbox account in order to switch between them on the same device
  • multi-factor authentication: a security feature that adds protection by requiring a code, in addition to your password, for login
  • pin: a feature that helps you find specific files at the top of a folder, like pinning them to a virtual bulletin board so they are easy to see
  • recover: to bring back a file or folder that was deleted from your Dropbox account
  • restore: to revert a file to a previous version saved in your Dropbox account
  • selective sync: a feature that helps you save hard drive space by moving content to online-only storage, where you can access it from dropbox.com
  • Smart Sync: a feature that lets you store files and folders online but still see and access them from your computer or mobile device
  • star: a feature that makes it easier to find files by displaying them in a single list, no matter what folder they are stored in
  • sync: short for “synchronize,” the process that updates your content locally and in the cloud so the latest version is available on any device
  • view-only permissions: a way to share your files and folders with others that lets them see your content but not make changes