Restore & recover files

If you accidentally delete a file or save a new version of a file you’re not happy with, rest easy. Dropbox stores copies of your deleted files, folders, and Dropbox Spaces for a certain period, including previous versions of files. Instantly recover a file or restore a file to a previous version on

How to: restore & recover files

1. Sign in to

2. Select the file you'd like to access previous versions of.

3. Click Version history in the menu on the right sidebar.

- Alternatively, you can click "" (ellipsis) beside your file's name to see more options

4. Select a version to preview.

5. Click Restore on the version you'd like to restore.

Note: On Windows and Linux, right-click the file and select Version history to preview and restore a previous version. On Mac, press control on your keyboard and simultaneously click the file to select View previous versions.    

1.  Sign in to
2. Click Files in the sidebar
3. Click Deleted files.
4. Locate the deleted item you want to recover and click on the name.
5. Click Restore.

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