Strong passwords

While we take comprehensive measures to protect your data, you play a key role too. By creating unique, strong passwords for each website, app, and online account you use—and changing them regularly—you’ll help keep your Dropbox account and other accounts safe.

Password managers like 1Password can help you generate strong passwords, store them safely, and sign in easily to your accounts.

How to create a strong password

A secure password is one that’s hard for a stranger to guess. Don’t use common words or a derivative of personal information, such as your name, the name of a family member or pet, or phone numbers, addresses, or birthdates. Uncommon words work well, but only if you use several together. The following tips will help you create unique, secure passwords.

Try to use a combination of some (or all) of the below:

- Uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers
- Non-standard uppercasing (for example, "uPPercasing")
- Non-standard word spelling (for example, "spellllllling")
- Personal slang words
- Non-obvious numbers and symbols (note: using "$" for "s" or "0" for "o" is fairly common and likely not enough of a security measure)

Use the Dropbox password strength estimator to test your password in our security checkup tool.

Find out what to do if you forgot your password. As a Business team member, you may need to contact your team admin to reset your password.