Comment & collaborate

Collaborate with ease knowing important feedback isn’t buried in your inbox. Instead of sending comments back and forth over email, make suggestions right in the file you’re working on. Share feedback on text, images, and videos, or tag someone to let them know you’ve left comments. Depending on your permissions, you may even be able to edit text right inside the document.

How to: comment & collaborate

How to comment on Dropbox files

Anyone who has access to a Dropbox file can leave a comment and view other comments, unless the file owner or admin has turned off this feature.

To comment on a file from the Dropbox desktop app:

1. Navigate to the file you want to comment on.

2. Click in the text box on the right side of the screen that says Write a comment

- You can type your comment, @ mention someone, or even add an emoji

3. Click Post.

To comment on a file from or the mobile app:

1. Open the file you want to comment on.

2. To comment on the entire page or image, click or tap the text box that says Write a comment.

- You can type your comment, @mention someone, or even add an emoji.

3. Click Post.

You can also comment on a specific part of a file, as long as you’re on and working with a supported file type.

Note: When you leave a comment, the file owner and anyone who has subscribed to the file, commented on the comment thread, or been @mentioned in the comment thread will be notified.

Learn more about how to edit or delete a comment, hide the comment pane, and change notification preferences.

How to collaborate on Dropbox Paper docs

In Dropbox Paper, you can collaborate with people by:

- Mentioning them in-line and in comments. Mention a colleague or friend anywhere in your Paper doc or comment by typing @ (at) and then their name. Dropbox sends a notification so they can follow up right away.

- Creating to-do lists of stuff that needs to be accomplished. You can then assign things to a friend or coworker and add due dates.

Comment on text and images:

1. Highlight a line of text to bring up the formatting toolbar.

2. Click the comment icon (a speech bubble) in the menu that appears.

To comment on a part of an image:

1. Click the image that you'd like to comment on.

2. Click the circle icon with the plus sign to comment on a specific area of an image.

3. Click the section of the image you'd like to comment on.

4. Type your comment and click Post.

Learn more about content collaboration with Dropbox Paper.