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Learning Dropbox

There’s a lot more to Dropbox than we’ve had the chance to cover here. While this guide helps you walk through the most important steps for getting started, you can learn even more with these resources.

Dropbox self-guided learning

With Dropbox self-guided learning, you can explore Dropbox features at your pace. With an eye to your own work, you can pick and choose topics that help you best learn how to make the most of Dropbox.

Dropbox learning live

Join one of our virtual Dropbox learning live sessions to sharpen how you use Dropbox to get your work flowing. Our live instructors guide you through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Dropbox with the interactivity of a virtual classroom.

Get help

Get all your questions answered in the Dropbox help center. FAQs, quick fixes, and official info on every Dropbox feature… No matter what you need, it’s just a search away.

Join our community

The Dropbox community is a place to participate and collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas about the products and services we all love and want to improve.

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