Can I save a website URL in my Dropbox?

You can save any URL file (.webbloc, .url, or .website) in your Dropbox. Saving URL files to your Dropbox lets you:

  • Organize bookmarks in your Dropbox. Instead of using browser bookmarks, which only appear on a specific browser and device, you can save frequently visited websites as URL files in your Dropbox. That way you can access your bookmarks from anywhere you're signed in to Dropbox.

  • Save websites to visit later. Come across an article that you'd like to read or a recipe that you'd like to try? Save the website as a URL file and it will be in your Dropbox when you're ready.

How do I add a URL to my Dropbox?

To add a URL to your Dropbox, drag and drop the URL into a browser window where you’re already signed in to your Dropbox account. Currently, you can only save URL files from

How do I open a URL that's saved in my Dropbox account?

After you add a URL to your Dropbox account, you can open it from or the Dropbox folder on your computer (after the URL file syncs).

Clicking a URL from opens a preview of the website. To open the website, click Open in new tab. Clicking a URL from the Dropbox desktop application launches the website in your default browser.

Can I change the name of a URL file?

When you first save a URL file to your Dropbox account, the file is named based on the URL domain (e.g.,, etc.). Like any other file in your Dropbox, you can rename URL files later.

How do I open a URL on my mobile device?


When you click on a URL file, Dropbox will open the URL in the default web browser on your Android device.

If you'd like to open a URL in a different third-party application, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Dropbox app and find the file you'd like to open.
  2. Tap the downward arrow to the right of the file name.
  3. Tap Open With to see a list of available applications to open the file with.
  4. Tap Always to set the app as the default app for opening URL files from your Dropbox.
    • Note: If you ever want to reset your default apps, you can do so in the Dropbox app settings.


To open a link on your phone or tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Dropbox app and find the file you'd like to open.
  2. Tap the file's name to open a preview.
  3. Tap the URL or the file icon in the preview window.
  4. Select the browser you'd like to view the URL in from the options listed.
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