Sync error: "Couldn't upload Unselect Locked or Read-only"

 If your file is locked or saved as Read-only, Dropbox won’t be able to sync it. 

The easiest way to resolve one of these error messages is to unlock your file or unselect Read-only.

  • “Couldn’t upload. In the file info, unselect the Locked checkbox.” (Mac)
  • “Couldn’t upload. In the file properties, unselect Read-only.” (Windows)

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To unlock your file on a Mac:

 1. Click Finder from the row of icons on your desktop. 

 2. Find and select the file or folder you want to unlock.

  1. In the Finder bar at the top of your screen, click File and then Get Info (or command + i).
  2. Under the General section, uncheck the box next to Locked. Your changes will automatically save.

To unselect Read-only for your file on Windows:

  1. Open Windows Explorer. 
  2. Right-click the file or folder icon that you want to unlock.
  3. Click Properties. 
  4. Uncheck the box beside Read-only.
  5. Click OK. 
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