Smart Sync for team admins

This article discusses a feature that's available to Dropbox Professional and Dropbox Business customers.

Smart Sync helps you and your team share content without worrying about overloading your hard drives. Smart Sync team settings are available to Dropbox Business team admins.

When your team starts using Smart Sync, content that’s already downloaded to team member devices remains downloaded. New content is automatically online-only unless you change this setting in the Admin Console. Team members can also chose a personal default for each of their connected computers.

Dowiedz się więcej o synchronizacji inteligentnej dla członków zespołu.

How do I set the Smart Sync default for my team?

The Smart Sync default applies to new content after the default is enabled and isn’t retroactive. The Smart Sync default applies to:

  • Dołączenie do folderu udostępnionego
  • Linking a new device
  • Adding new content from another computer

To set a default for your team:

  1. Zaloguj się w witrynie na konto administratora.
  2. Kliknij Konsola administratora.
  3. Kliknij Ustawienia.
  4. Click Smart Sync.
  5. Select a default for Smart Sync:
    • Synchronizowane lokalnie
    • Tylko online

Note: You don’t need to set a default for team members to use Smart Sync.

While the admin setting is the initial default, team members can change their device settings to a different default.

Dowiedz się więcej o synchronizacji inteligentnej dla członków zespołu.

Jakie są wymagania systemowe synchronizacji inteligentnej?

Can I manage Smart Sync settings for individual team members?

No, Smart Sync settings are team wide, or set by individual team members. Individual team members can manage their own Smart Sync settings at the device, folder, and file level.

Can I manage Smart Sync settings at a folder level?

No, the Smart Sync default applies to all folders.

Can I opt out of the system extension for my team?

Yes. Learn more about opting your team out of the system extension.

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