The Dropbox Business team page

The team page is a quick-view resource available to both the members and admins on a Dropbox Business account. It allows users to see the members and groups on their team, and to suggest members for their admin to invite.

For members, the team page offers:

  • Better visibility: See who’s already on your team
  • Team growth: Suggest individuals you’d like your admin to add to your team
  • Organization: The list of team members appears side-by-side with groups, making it easier to add existing and new coworkers to relevant groups

For admins, the team page offers:

  • Time savings: Quickly find and add team members from the Dropbox homepage
  • Organization: Keep your growing team organized with groups
  • Simplify deployment: Rely on team members to help grow your team

Frequently asked questions

For admins, what’s the difference between the team page and the members page in the admin console?

Admins can use the members page for member management, like removing team members and granting admin permissions.

The team page is available to all team members, regardless of admin permissions. It provides a snapshot of existing team members and groups.

Who can accept team member suggestions?

Only team admins or user management admins can accept new team member suggestions.

Who can suggest team members?

Any team member can suggest a new member be added to their team.

  • Note: If your team admin has switched off the “membership approval” setting, you won't be able to suggest team members

Can I suggest anyone be added to my team?

Yes, you can suggest that anyone as a new team member, regardless of whether they work for your business.

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