You can manage your account preferences and view your files and activity in one place on dropbox.com. You can also add and share your stuff, get team updates, and access features like Paper and Showcase.

How to: dropbox.com

Once you’ve signed in at dropbox.com, adding files to your account is as easy as dragging and dropping from your computer’s file system. Or, just follow these steps to upload a file or folder from your computer:

1. Sign in at www.dropbox.com.

2. Navigate to the folder where you’d like to save your file or folder.

3. Click Upload files or Upload folder.

4. Navigate to the correct file or folder in your computer’s file system.

5. Click Open.

You can view and update your profile and account settings from any device at dropbox.com.

1. Sign in at www.dropbox.com

2. Click your avatar or profile picture at the top-right corner of the page.

3. Click Settings.

- The General tab is where you can can view and change your user information and email address, connect your personal and work accounts, and set preferences for language, date, and time. 

- The Plan tab shows you the type of Dropbox account you’re using, its status, and the amount of storage space you have available.

- The Security tab gives you options to run a security checkup on your account, change your password, and set up two-step verification. You can also see and manage the devices that are associated with your account.

- The Notifications tab lets you customize the email notifications you receive. You can choose whether or not you’re notified about things like file activity, devices and browsers, changes to Dropbox Paper docs, and news or tips from Dropbox.

- The Connected apps tab shows you which apps you have integrated with Dropbox and which apps are used to open files, have access to your Dropbox files, or have been given access to your account by your admin. You can also see contacts imported from your mobile devices and set defaults for opening Paper docs on your computer.