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We have dozens of video tutorials available to help you quickly use and troubleshoot Dropbox features. And each video has a related self-guided course if you want to learn more. Just pick from the list below to get started.

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Video tutorials on saving files to Dropbox

How to save stuff in Dropbox

Saving stuff to your dropbox has never been easier. Learn how to save and access your stuff across multiple devices.

Video tutorials on sharing Dropbox files or folders

Sharing from the desktop app

You can manage and share files and folders from the new Dropbox desktop app. Learn the basics of sharing and access management.

Sharing links and setting permissions

Shared links allow you to easily share your files with others. Choose who can view those files, for how long, and even manage access with link passwords.

Sharing folders and setting permissions

With Dropbox, you can share files and folders with anyone. Use sharing permissions to control whether they can view, download, or edit those files.

Sharing tips and tricks

Use shared folders to grant and control access to your files. Learn how to rename or move folders after they’ve been shared in this video.

Sharing content inside shared folders

With shared folders, you can share multiple files at once. You can also choose to let recipients edit the files in that folder. 

How to use Dropbox to request files from others

With Dropbox, you can collect docs, photos, and other files from people using file requests. Requested files are added to a folder that you specify, and you can share this folder or close the request at any time. In this video: an intro to file requests.

How to turn off a file request

You can close a file request at any time. Learn how in this quick video.

How to share a sub folder from a team folder

Team folders take sharing to a whole new level in Dropbox Business. Learn how to share subfolders from within a team folder in this video.

How to use the Dropbox badge to always see the latest version of a file

The Dropbox badge gives you quick access to share and save Microsoft Office files. It can also help you see if a colleague is currently viewing a shared file, and update to the latest version of the file if they make changes. In this video: an intro to the Dropbox badge.

Video tutorials on syncing files to Dropbox

How to use Smart Sync

With Smart Sync, you can set files as “online only.” This means you can see the file on the Dropbox desktop app, but not have it use up hard drive space.

How to use selective sync

Selective sync allows you to decide which files and folders sync to your devices. The rest stay available on

Video tutorials about Dropbox Business

Intro to the Dropbox Business admin console

If you’re a Dropbox Business admin, you’ve got access to a one-stop to manage your team. In this video, get an overview of the admin console.

How to merge Dropbox Business teams

If you have multiple, separate Dropbox Business teams, you can easily merge them into one team. Learn how with this step-by-step video guide.

How to view team member activity in Dropbox

As an admin, you can easily view the Dropbox usage and activity of your team members in the admin console. In this short video: an intro to team activity reports.

How to sign up for early access to Dropbox features

Dropbox is always building new features to improve our product. In this video, learn how to get early access to these features for yourself or your team.

Connect Dropbox with Active Directory

If your team uses Active Directory to manage network access, you can also use it to manage team member access to Dropbox. In this video, get a step-by-step walkthrough on the Dropbox AD Connector.

How to own your company’s domain name

Dropbox Business admins are often tasked with managing their company’s data. But that’s hard if team members use a company email address to create separate Dropbox accounts. In this short video, learn how to address this with domain ownership.

Intro to the team workspace

The team workspace is a place where your team can organize, share, and collaborate on content. Learn the basics of team folders and team member folders.

How to control access to folders in the team workspace

In the team workspace, you can manage and restrict access to shared content. Learn how to create and share folders, and control who has access.

Legal hold overview

Team admins can use legal holds to monitor content that’s been created or modified by members of their team. In this webinar, we’ll learn about what legal holds are, how to use them, and how they might be useful to your company. 

Video tutorials on troubleshooting issues with Dropbox

How to troubleshoot syncing issues

Sync is core to what Dropbox does, but it can be affected by lots of factors. This overview of troubleshooting steps will solve most syncing issues.

How to restore a previous version of a file

With version history in Dropbox, you can access your file’s history and restore it to a previous version. This video is an overview of version history.

Viewers’ note: This video mentions a 120-day version history. However, this window varies depending on your Dropbox plan.

Conflicted copies: How to avoid issues when editing a shared file

If two or more people edit the same shared file at the same time, Dropbox saves the edits in “conflicted copies.” In this video, learn how to address conflicted copies, and avoid them in the future.

Video tutorials on the Dropbox apps (desktop and mobile)

How to scan docs with the Dropbox mobile app

With the Dropbox doc scanner, you can use your phone to add docs to Dropbox. Learn how in this short video tutorial.

How to customize the Dropbox desktop app

The Dropbox desktop app gives one-click access to all the files your team stores in Dropbox. Learn how to optimize the desktop app for your own workflow.

Video tutorials about Dropbox Paper

Get started with Dropbox Paper

Paper helps ignite your (or your team's) creative process. You can write and edit with others in real time, get feedback, brainstorm, review and approve work, and even manage projects right where you're working. In this short video, learn how to get started with this powerful collaboration feature.

Video tutorials about third-party apps

Intro to the Dropbox App Center

The Dropbox App Center is the place to explore a wide range of apps you can integrate with Dropbox. Learn how to find, connect, and manage third-party apps

Video tutorials on annotating or commenting on files

Giving and getting feedback

Learn how the new Dropbox desktop app keeps comments and feedback on your work streamlined and organized.

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