Get started with Dropbox Business

Now that your team has joined Dropbox Business, follow these 5 steps to get started:

1. Download the Dropbox desktop app

The Dropbox desktop application is a must-have for editing files from your computer. Changes you make to your files will sync instantly across your devices and with your collaborators.

Get the desktop app

2. Connect your personal and work accounts

Once you connect your accounts, you’ll have the ability to keep two Dropboxes on the same computer—one for your personal files and one for your work files.

Connect your personal and work accounts

Two Dropbox folders—one for work, one for personal.

3. Add files to Dropbox

You can easily add files to Dropbox through the desktop app or on All your files will start out unshared and viewable only to you.

Add files to Dropbox

4. Use Selective Sync

Archiving your stuff in Dropbox? To save space on your computer, you can choose which folders you’d like to sync to your computer, and which folders you’d like to keep only on

Learn about Selective Sync

5. Start sharing

Working together is about to get a lot easier. Share a Folder to collaboratively edit documents with colleagues, or Share a Link to send out a copy of a file.

Learn how to share

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