How does 3D Touch work in the Dropbox iOS app?

From the Home Screen of your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you can 3D Touch the Dropbox app to bring up a set of four actions:

  1. Go to your most recently actioned file or folder. The file or folder you most recently touched will be listed; tap it to open that file or folder.
  2. Tap Offline Files to view all of your files that are available offline.
  3. Tap Upload Photo to quickly add photos to your Dropbox folder. If you’ve linked work and personal accounts on the app, photos will automatically upload to your personal account when signed in.
  4. Tap Search to quickly locate files in your Dropbox.

What about "Peek" and "Pop"?

From within the Dropbox app, you can 3D Touch a file or folder to Peek into a preview. Swipe up to take common file or folder actions or press harder to Pop or open the actual file.

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