Master the advanced features of your Dropbox account

If you haven’t already, please tick each item in the Getting started checklist. Done with those? Then you’re ready for Dropbox mastery!

1. Keep your files safe

Two-step verification is a must-have. With this feature turned on, you need your username, password, plus a one-time code to sign in to Dropbox. If your device is ever lost or stolen, or if somebody gets hold of your password, your files stay safe!

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ballot box with check Turn on two-step verification

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You can periodically check your account status with our security checkup tool. You can also manage other account settings through the Settings menu on the Dropbox website.

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Account hygiene: Always set a unique password for each app or service you use, and never re-use passwords. This way a security issue on one app or service won’t compromise the others.

2. Start a Paper doc

Paper is more than a doc―it's a workspace for your (or your team's) creative process. Write and edit with others in real time, get feedback, brainstorm, review and approve work, and even manage projects right where you're working. It's free with your Dropbox account.

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ballot box with check Start a Paper doc

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Paper docs don’t use storage space in your Dropbox account. And you can choose whether to share your doc, and whether those you share with can edit, view, or comment on the doc.

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Docs and files: We use the term "doc" a lot in Dropbox. This is simply an abbreviation for "document." A document is a single file (in this case a Paper file).

3. Customize the Dropbox mobile app

To get the most out of Dropbox, get to know a few of the special features on our mobile app. With camera uploads, photos and videos from your phone are automatically saved to Dropbox. The doc scanner lets you use your phone’s camera to scan and upload printed documents. And offline files makes Dropbox files available on your phone or tablet, even if you don’t have internet or cellular service.

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ballot box with check Turn on Camera uploads

ballot box with check Use your phone to scan documents

ballot box with check Make files available offline

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You can manage notifications and other stuff through the same settings menu.

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Sharing: Shared files and folders occupy a unique place in Dropbox—if you delete them, they automatically get deleted for anyone you’ve shared with.

4. Sync icons and easy file access

The Dropbox desktop app creates a Dropbox folder on your computer for easy file access. It also has two other great features: sync icons show you the status of file sync, while the Dropbox icon in your computer’s system tray or menu bar gives a quick view of your file and account activity.

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ballot box with check Know the meaning of each file sync and Dropbox status icon

ballot box with check Find the system tray / menu bar icon on your computer

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When you copy files to Dropbox from another location on your computer, the file should appear in the Dropbox folder immediately. But keep in mind this file might not be fully uploaded yet. Check the sync status icons to know for sure.

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Deleted files and sync: If you delete a file from the Dropbox folder on your computer, then this file is deleted from all of Dropbox.

5. Restore deleted or older versions of files

In addition to being a home for your most important stuff, Dropbox also keeps snapshots of how your account used to look—deleted files, or previous versions of files, are just a click away.

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ballot box with check Revert to an older version of a file

ballot box with check Recover and restore a deleted file or folder

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Dropbox can only help you recover a deleted file or a previous version of a file if that file was stored in Dropbox.

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Deletions and shared folders: If you delete or move a file in a shared folder, this change affects all other members of that folder. If this happens, use file search to find out what happened or, if you’re on a Dropbox Business team, contact your team admin.

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Thanks for reading! If you're done with the mastery guide, please move on to our tips & tricks guide. You'll find some great time savers and "I didn't know Dropbox could do that!" features.

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