Tips and tricks for getting started with your Dropbox account

If you haven’t already, please tick each item in the building blocks and mastering Dropbox checklists. Done with those? Time for some advanced tips and tricks!

1. Create a file request

You can collect files from others, even if they don’t have a Dropbox account.

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ballot box with check Create a file request

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Once you’ve collected files from others, you can create a link to this folder and share it (even if the people you share with don’t have Dropbox accounts).

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Sharing and member space: Shared folders use storage space in the account of each person with access to that folder, while shared links only take up storage space in the account of the file owner (unless you download it).

2. Manage your Dropbox storage space

Whether you run out of storage space in your Dropbox account or you run out of hard drive space on your computer, you’ve got options.

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ballot box with check Get more storage space for your account

ballot box with check Upgrade to Dropbox Plus or Professional and get 1 TB of storage space

ballot box with check Save hard drive space on your computer with selective sync

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If you have a Dropbox Professional or Business account, you can also use Smart Sync to save hard drive space on your computer. With Smart Sync, you can see all of the files in your Dropbox account on the Dropbox folder on your computer, but save hard drive space.

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Account storage: Depending on the kind of plan you use, your Dropbox account will have a different capacity (like 2 GB or 1 TB); we use words like “storage,” “space,” and “quota” to describe this capacity, but they all mean the same thing.

3. Upload screenshots

If you use the Dropbox desktop app, you can set it so screenshots are automatically uploaded to Dropbox. You’ll also get a link to this screenshot so you can easily share it with others.

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ballot box with check Set screenshots to automatically upload to Dropbox

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Shared links to a screenshot work great in Dropbox Paper. Simply paste in the link, and the image should render.

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Desktop app & storage quota: Files in the Dropbox folder on your computer still use space on your computer’s hard drive.

4. Manage your account billing

If you have a paid Dropbox account, you can easily update billing info, get invoices, or even look up a charge.

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ballot box with check Change your payment method or billing info (like address), or change your billing cycle to monthly or annual

ballot box with check Find invoices and receipts

ballot box with check Look up a charge on your credit card

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If you bought your subscription through a mobile app store, you can make Dropbox account changes directly through that app store.

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The desktop app and file sync: If you change a file in the Dropbox folder on your computer, this change syncs back to Dropbox. If you want to change stuff on your computer but not have the changes sync, first unlink that computer from Dropbox.

5. Showcase

You can use Showcase to package shared files in a single sleek, curated page (note: this feature is only available to Dropbox Professional users, and to customers on the Advanced and Enterprise plans of Dropbox Business).

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ballot box with check Create a showcase

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Though a showcase may look like a polished web page, the files in it work just like any other shared file—if you edit a file in a showcase, viewers will always see the latest version.

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Sharing and viewer info: By default, people you share files with can leave comments and see who else is viewing a file; you can disable both of these feature if you like.

Next steps

Thanks for reading the building blocks, mastery, and tips & tricks guide. You're ready to use Dropbox, and unleash your own creative energy. If you ever need a refresher, please do visit these guides again.

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