How to create a code block in a Dropbox Paper doc

To insert a block of code:

  1. Click into a new line in your Paper doc. 
  2. From the menu that appears, click the {} symbol.
  3. You can also type ``` (the key to left of the 1 key). 
Example of a code block in Paper

To select a different programming language:

  1. Highlight a word or block of text within your code. 
  2. Click Auto from the menu that appears.
  3. Select your desired language from the dropdown menu. 

To capture inline code, you can type `(the key to left of the 1 key) before and after text. For example, typing `inline code` will show up like this:

An example of what inline code looks like in Dropbox Paper.

How to type LaTeX symbols

To trigger LaTeX editing mode, type $$ in your doc. You can then type full LaTeX symbols in Dropbox Paper. When you're finished typing, you can render the code by pressing Enter or Return on your keyboard.

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