How to format text in a Dropbox Paper doc

To format text in a Paper doc, highlight the text you want to edit. This menu will appear: 
Dropbox Paper formatting menu

From this menu, you can format text with any of the following actions. 

Menu button (from left to right)


Keyboard shortcut


Create bold text

+ B


Strikethrough text

⌘ + Opt + S


Highlight text

+ E



⌘ + K


Create a large header*

# Space


Create a medium header*

## Space


Create a small header (bold)*

### Space

Bulleted list

Start bulleted list

- Space


Create to-do

[ ] Space


Add comment

⌘ + Opt + M 

Note: Some formatting options, like italicizing and underlining, are only accessible via keyboard shortcuts.

For a full list of keyboard shortcuts, click the keyboard icon at the bottom right of your Paper doc, or press + / on Mac or Ctrl + / on Windows.

*To collapse a large or medium header, hover over the text and click the arrow (Collapse) to the left. This feature is not supported in Firefox.

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Does Dropbox Paper have spellcheck?

Dropbox Paper currently does not have its own spellchecker. If your browser has a built-in spellchecker, Paper will use that. If you want to turn off spellchecking, you'll have to do so through your browser settings.

How to format a block of text

You can format a block of text by using keyboard shortcuts.

For example, you can convert a bulleted list to a numbered list by pressing  + Shift + 7 or to a task list by pressing +  Shift + C.

How to format text on the Dropbox Paper mobile app

  1. Open the Paper mobile app.
  2. Open the Paper doc you want to format.
  3. Tap into a new line or tap Edit and the formatting options will appear above your keyboard.

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