Dropbox Sign & NOM 151 Compliance

Updated Apr 24, 2024
NOM 151, or Normativa 151, is a Mexican standard that guarantees the integrity of electronic documents. It provides a data retention certificate that verifies the document hasn't been altered after signing, confirming its integrity and reliability for any transaction.

How does NOM 151 work with Dropbox Sign?

Dropbox Sign integrates with eID Easy, a partner of Edicom, to support NOM 151 compliance for both Dropbox Sign web and API users in Mexico. This integration creates a secondary certificate, separate from the original signed document, that verifies its integrity according to NOM 151 regulations.

NOM 151 adds an extra layer of trust to electronically signed documents in Mexico, demonstrating that the document hasn’t been tampered with. By leveraging the integration between Dropbox Sign and eID Easy, users can confidently sign and share documents, knowing they comply with NOM 151 standards.

highlighter icon Notes:

  • The NOM151 certificate doesn’t modify the original document.
  • The certificate is assigned a unique ID and is registered as a legal document in Mexico.

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