What's a view-only conflict?

A view-only conflict is a file that Dropbox creates when you edit a file or folder in which you have view-only permissions, usually while the Dropbox app is offline (if there’s no Internet connection or if syncing is paused, for example). 

To ensure all changes are saved, the next time Dropbox starts, it will:

  • Create a new folder named "[filename] (view only conflicts)"
  • Move all edited files to that folder
  • Recreate the original file or folder that you tried to edit

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What do I do now?

The best way to resolve a view-only conflict is to request edit access to that file or folder, compare both versions, and merge them manually.

If you want edit access to a file or folder, you can request it directly from the file owner. If you don’t know who the file owner is, you can reach out to your admin . 

If you’re the owner of the shared file, you can change the file permissions to allow more people to edit.

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