How to connect Paper and Slack

Search for and create Paper docs directly from Slack. The Paper integration for Slack is available to all Paper users who use Slack. With the Paper integration for Slack, you also see previews of Paper docs when you paste a doc link in Slack.

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How to connect Paper and Slack

To connect Paper and Slack:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the Paper integration page.
  3. Click Visit App Site.
  4. Click Connect Paper and Slack.

Note: You can only connect one Slack workspace to your Paper account.

What Paper commands can I use in Slack?

In Slack, you can enter these commands to search or create docs.

Search Paper

/paper <query>

Replace <query> with your search term. 

You can see the top three search results in Slack. If your query returns more results, click See all results for <query> in Dropbox Paper to see all results.

Create a Paper doc

/paper new <doc name>
Replace <doc name> with the title of your new doc. This creates a doc with that title in Paper.

How to disconnect Paper and Slack

To disconnect Slack from your Dropbox Paper account:

  1. Sign in to
  2. Go to the Paper integration page.
  3. Click Unlink Slack.
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