If the name of the Dropbox folder changed on your computer

When you join a Dropbox Business team, the name of the work Dropbox folder on your computer will change. The name of your work Dropbox folder will now contain your organization or team name in parentheses:

Dropbox (Organization name)

If you have both a personal Dropbox and a work Dropbox on your computer, the name of your personal Dropbox will be labeled Personal in parentheses to help you tell it apart. It will look like this:

Dropbox (Personal)

Further information: File and folder paths

  • If your team members already have Dropbox installed on their computers, all files and most applications will automatically point to the new work Dropbox folder and subfolders. Dropbox will create a hidden symlink that points to the new Dropbox folder from the old location. Fresh installs don’t require this, as the Dropbox folder is created with the business name from the beginning.
  • Applications with absolute paths might need to be tested individually, so we strongly encourage you to test your existing configurations before the desktop application is updated.
  • Desktop application updates will happen on a rolling basis. To get everyone on the newest version all at once, please have your teammates go to www.dropbox.com/install. Alternatively, you can contact us at https://www.dropbox.com/support and request to have your entire team updated.
  • Custom applications or scripts with the old name will need to be updated.
  • If you change the name of your business through the admin console, the names of team members' Dropbox folders will update automatically. They will appear with the display name you've chosen, rather than the full organization name used for billing statements.
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