I upgraded to a Dropbox team account. Why is my personal account out of space?

Dikemas kini Feb 01, 2024

Unfortunately, upgrading one account doesn’t apply to your other accounts. The expanded storage space for your Dropbox team account won’t apply to your personal account.

What happens if my personal account is over quota?

Your Dropbox quota is calculated based on the total contents of your Dropbox, which includes shared folders. A Dropbox account can't sync more than its quota, so a 2 GB account (for example) can't sync more than 2 GB of files, including the space taken up by shared folders. Every member of a shared folder can add and modify the files in the shared folder, so shared folders take up space in each member's account.

If you need more space for your personal account, upgrade to Dropbox Plus to get 2 TB of space, or Dropbox Professional which has a 3 TB limit.

Sharing folders without impacting storage

If you'd like to share a folder without impacting the recipient's quota, you can share a link to the folder instead. A shared link allows users to view or download a read-only copy of the folder and its contents.

Learn how to remove a shared folder from your Dropbox account.

Learn how you can earn more space for your account.

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