Find and replace words in a Paper doc

You can find every time a specific word or phrase was written in a Paper doc by using the keyboard shortcut. You can then replace that word or phrase with a different word or phrase once, or throughout the entire doc.

To find a specific word or phrase in your Paper doc:

  1. Type control-F (Windows) or command-F (Mac).
  2. Type the word or phrase into the search bar.

To replace that word with a different word once, or throughout the entire doc: 

  1. Click the “” (ellipsis) to the right of the search bar.
  2. Type the new word or phrase under Replace with.
  3. Click Replace or Replace all.

Note for advanced users:

If you’re familiar with regular expressions, you can check the box next to Regular expressions to use them in your search. Regular expressions allow you to conduct a more specific search of your document.

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