How to use the Dropbox Data Migration Add-On, powered by Movebot

The Data Migration Add-On, powered by Movebot, is available to Dropbox Business customers through the Dropbox sales team. If you’re a Dropbox Business admin, and you’d like to learn more about this add-on, contact your account team or Customer Success Manager at Dropbox.

The Data Migration Add-On, powered by Movebot, allows organizations to quickly and securely migrate files and associated permissions from on-premise file servers and existing cloud storage solutions to Dropbox Business. 

With the add-on, Dropbox Business admins can:

  • Migrate home directories, folders, and personal shares to Dropbox Business
  • Transfer sharing permissions from cloud and on-premises sources to Dropbox Business
  • Monitor file transfer jobs in real-time with reporting, visualization, and event-logging
  • Automate and expedite migrations with parallel loading, Dropbox API call optimization, and Movebot’s managed scalable technology
  • Schedule migration jobs in advance — to run once or on a repeating schedule
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