How to use the Dropbox Data Migration add-on

The Data Migration add-on is available to Dropbox Business Advanced and Dropbox Business Enterprise customers through the Dropbox sales team. If you’re a Dropbox Business team admin and you’d like to learn more about this add-on, contact your account team or Customer Success Manager at Dropbox.

The Data Migration add-on, powered by Cloud FastPath, lets Dropbox team admins migrate very large volumes of data quickly and securely from either a cloud or an on-premises source. 

For example, the Data Migration add-on allows team admins to:

  • Migrate personal shares, home directories, and project workspaces to Dropbox Business
  • Transfer sharing permissions from on-premises and cloud sources to Dropbox Business
  • Schedule a migration job in advance

Note: The Cloud FastPath service can be accessed with Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browsers.

Learn how to use the Data Migration add-on

Learn how to use the Data Migration add-on with Dropbox Business in the Cloud FastPath Knowledgebase:

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