How to insert any file into Dropbox Paper

Updated Nov 15, 2023

To insert any type of file—including an image, video, or document—into the body of a Paper doc, you can simply drag and drop it in, as long as it's under 50 MB. 

To drag a file into a Dropbox Paper doc:

  1. Open the desired Paper doc.
  2. Drag any file into that doc. A blue line will appear to help you place it. 

Your file will automatically upload to a folder in your Dropbox called Paper Uploads. Dropbox will then create a link to that file and paste it into your Paper doc.

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Note: Images won't be uploaded to your Dropbox and won't count towards your storage quota.

You can also manually insert a file:

  1. Click into an empty line in your Paper doc.
  2. Click the Add media icon in the menu that appears. 
  3. Choose a file.

FAQs about inserting files into Dropbox Paper

What happens if I drag in a file that’s already in my Dropbox?

If you drag in a file that matches one already in your Dropbox account, it will link to the existing file to preserve space in your account. 


If you drag in a file that partially matches one already in your Dropbox, you’ll see the message: Item may already exist in Dropbox. You can then choose to:

  • Link to the existing file in your Dropbox account
  • Or, use the new file you dragged in

Can I drag multiple files into a Dropbox Paper doc at once?

Yes, you can drag multiple files into a Paper doc at the same time as long as they’re within your Dropbox space limit.

Can I drag a folder into a Dropbox Paper doc?

No, currently you can only drag files into a Paper doc. However, you can insert a link to a folder.

What will my files look like once they’re dropped in?

If you drag in a file type that’s supported by Paper, you’ll see a snapshot, or preview, of the file. If your file type isn’t supported by Paper, you’ll see a UFO icon and the name of your file. You’ll still be able to click and access your file—you just won’t see a preview of it.


Learn more about which file types will preview and how to customize those previews.

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