Why does the Dropbox Android app request access to my contacts?

The Android app uses your contacts to provide features that make it easier for you to use Dropbox, including sharing with friends without having to remember their contact info. For example, when you share files and photos, Dropbox can suggest names and email addresses from your address book as you type them.

Does Dropbox collect or save my contacts?

With your permission, Dropbox will sync information from your contacts for your use.

Does Dropbox share my contacts with others?

We don’t share your contacts unless you request that we do so. If you choose to share files with someone or invite a person to Dropbox, we send an email on your behalf to that contact.

Can I use Dropbox without giving access to my contacts?

Starting with Android Marshmallow, users can grant optional permissions when using an app instead of when installing an app. For all users, Dropbox will only sync your contacts if you give us permission to do so.

Why are contacts from a different device or app appearing in my Dropbox?

With your permission, Dropbox syncs contacts from devices on which you use Dropbox. This feature makes it easy to share and collaborate with all of your contacts directly from Dropbox, whether they're from a linked device or a third-party source like Google or Twitter. Click here if you'd like to remove these contacts from your Dropbox.

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