How to customize your home screen in the Dropbox mobile app

Updated Dec 12, 2023

You can customize your home view in the Dropbox mobile app, including adding, rearranging, and removing folders and sections.

How to add, rearrange, or remove folders

You can add, rearrange, or remove folders from the Home tab directly with the customize icon, or you can navigate to the folder itself from the Files tab.

To add, rearrange, or remove folders with the customize icon:

  1. Open the Dropbox mobile app.
  2. Tap the customize icon (artist palette).
  3. Tap Add folder to Home.
  4. Tap the folder you’d like to add.
  5. Tap Add to Home.
    • To rearrange your folders and sections, tap and hold the grab icon (two vertical lines of dots) and drag the folder where you’d like to move it.
    • To remove a folder, tap Remove next to the folder you’d like to remove.
    • To add or remove a default section, tap the toggle next to RecentsStarredCamera UploadsViewed linksShared, or Offline.
  6. Tap Save to save your changes.

Your folders will appear in your specified order on the Home tab.

highlighter icon


  • To discard unsaved changes:
    • For Android: Tap the “X” at the top left next to Home and then tap Discard.
    • For iOS: Tap Cancel at the top.
  • If you add an empty folder to your Home tab, you can click Add content to start adding files or folders.

To add or remove folders from the folder itself:

  1. Open the Dropbox mobile app.
  2. Tap the Files icon.
  3. Tap the folder you want to add or remove from the Home tab.
  4. Tap the “” (vertical ellipsis) or “” (ellipsis) in the top right, depending on your device.
  5. Tap Add folder to home or Remove folder from home, depending on what you’d like to do.
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