How to use camera uploads with Dropbox Business

Camera uploads is an optional feature available to all Dropbox users, including Dropbox Business teams. The feature automatically uploads photos from your mobile device to your Dropbox Business account and saves them in the Camera Uploads folder.

  • If you have connected your Dropbox personal and Business accounts, you can only have camera uploads enabled for one account at a time (personal or business)
  • Dropbox Business users can tap Time frame in the Camera uploads mobile page to set it to upload All photos on their device’s camera roll or New photos only going forward

Not a Dropbox Business user? Learn how camera uploads work for Basic, Plus, and Professional users. 

Turn camera uploads on or off

If you are a Dropbox Business team member, you can turn camera uploads on or off for yourself at any time. If you are an admin, you can turn camera uploads off for your entire team.

Team members

Learn how to turn camera uploads on/off for just your account.

If you don’t see a camera uploads option, your admin may have turned the feature off for your team.

Team admins

To turn on (or off) camera uploads for your whole team:

  1. Sign in to your admin account on
  2. Click Admin Console in the left sidebar. 
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click Backups.
  5. Toggle camera uploads to On or Off
  6. Click Save
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