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This article answers frequently asked questions about Dropbox Replay. Get quick answers to common questions about Dropbox Replay, including common error messages and how to solve issues.

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What are my Dropbox Replay storage limits?

Dropbox Replay is available through all Dropbox plans, but Replay has these additional file limits:

  • Dropbox Basic: 4 files
  • Dropbox Plus: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Family: 4 files
  • Dropbox Pro: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise: 4 files 

With the paid Dropbox Replay Add-On, there is no file creation or upload limit. The storage limit of your Replay files depends on your Dropbox plan storage. 

Learn how much space your plan includes.

What happens if I delete the original video, image, or audio file from my Dropbox account?

Deleting the original video, image, or audio file in your Dropbox account won't have an effect on your Dropbox Replay project. The only way a video, image, or audio file (and its comments) can be deleted from Replay is by directly removing it from your Replay dashboard.

What happens if I rename or move the original video, image, or audio file in my Dropbox account?

Moving or renaming the original video, image, or audio file in Dropbox won't affect the file in Dropbox Replay. 

Who will have access to the video, image, or audio file in Dropbox Replay that I imported from Dropbox?

You can manage access to your files in Dropbox Replay using the sharing settings. You can also restrict access to your files by turning off all links for a file. For Dropbox Replay Add-On customers, you can control access to all your shared links in one place with the Your links page in the Dropbox Replay Add-On.  

Are there any system requirements for Dropbox Replay?

Dropbox Replay runs through the internet browser on your desktop. To ensure the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Learn more about system requirements for Dropbox Replay.

Do I have to join a live review session to leave comments?

No, you don’t have to join a live session to annotate or post comments.

What does a “Shutdown in progress” error message mean?

This means the live review feature is down for maintenance. Maintenance usually takes 30-45 minutes.

I forgot to post my drawings, can I get them back?

If you haven’t exited or closed the file you drew in, your drawings on videos will be saved as drafts and marked as empty circles on the video timeline that you can click to view. You can either Post drawing as comment by clicking the paper airplane icon or Delete drawing by clicking the trashcan icon.

Why can’t I set a password for my Dropbox Replay file?

Password protection is a paid feature included in the Dropbox Replay Add-On. If you were a beta user and you turn off password protection for a file, you won’t be able to turn it back on unless you purchase the Replay Add-On.

You’ll still be able to edit any existing passwords you had already set on your files when you were using the beta version of Replay or when you had the Replay Add-On.

Another way to restrict access to your files is to turn off all links for the file. You can disable previously shared links to each of your files by using the enable link access setting on each file.

To control all your shared links in one place, you will need to be a Replay Add-On customer. Once you have upgraded to the Replay Add-On, you can use the Your links page to turn all of your links on or off in one place.

I used the beta version of Dropbox Replay but don’t want to pay for the Dropbox Replay Add-On. What will happen to my files?

Your files added before April 25, 2023 won’t count toward the Dropbox Replay file limit. All files added after April 25, 2023 will count toward your Replay file limit. 

Dropbox Replay file limits:

  • Dropbox Basic: 4 files
  • Dropbox Plus: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Family: 4 files
  • Dropbox Pro: 4 files 
  • Dropbox Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise: 4 files 

Any files with passwords can have the password removed, but once it’s removed you can’t add it back unless you purchase the Dropbox Replay Add-On.

I used to have unlimited files and now I have a limit. How do I find the right files to delete to get under my quota?

Only files uploaded after April 25, 2023 count against the file limit, so you can sort your files by creation date and choose which files you’d like to delete. The Dropbox Replay Add-On allows you to archive your Replay video files to your Dropbox account, so you can free up space in Replay to upload or create more projects. 

I don’t pay for Dropbox but I want to use Dropbox Replay. What do I do?

Dropbox Replay is available to all customers with a Dropbox account, but the Dropbox Replay Add-On is only available to customers on Dropbox Plus, Professional, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise.

I used the beta version of Dropbox Replay. What is happening now that Replay is available?

Users that had access to Dropbox Replay before April 25, 2023 are beta users that were also granted premium access to the Replay Add-On until June 25, 2023, free of charge. If you’re a beta user, you already have the premium features and no action is required to start using the Replay Add-On.

After June 25th, 2023, the Replay Add-On will be removed and you’ll have the option to purchase the add-on.

Learn more about the features available in the Replay Add-On.

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