What official domains does Dropbox use?

Updated Mar 28, 2024
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This article applies to all Dropbox users.

Dropbox uses several domains to run the service. Each domain serves a specific purpose, like running the Dropbox product, providing communications, or hosting marketing materials. Check the domains in this article if you’re unsure if it’s safe to go to a particular website or accept a communication from an email address that looks like it's from Dropbox.

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Most of the things you can do with Dropbox online happen on www.dropbox.com. www.dropbox.com is the only domain where Dropbox will ever ask for private information like the email address and password for your Dropbox account. Be wary of any other domains that look like Dropbox that ask you for your Dropbox email or password.

Official email from Dropbox

If you receive a communication that looks like it’s from Dropbox but doesn’t come from one of the domains listed, please be careful as it may contain malware or be a phishing attempt.

  • All email from employees, support staff, and some service-related email (such as email verification, password reset confirmations, and Dropbox research study invitations) are sent from docsend.com, dropbox.com, dropboxmail.com, em-s.dropbox.com, em.dropbox.com, or dropbox.zendesk.com
  • All Dropbox business related email originates from dropbox.com or dropboxpartners.com
  • All promotional and tip emails originate from docsend.com, dropboxmail.com, em-s.dropbox.com, em.dropbox.com, or dropboxteam.com

Verified Dropbox domains

All Dropbox content should originate from one of the following domains or a subdomain of the following domains:

  • addtodropbox.com
  • app.hellosign.com
  • dash.ai
  • db.tt
  • docsend.com
  • dropbox.com
  • dropboxapi.com
  • dropboxbusiness.com
  • dropboxcaptcha.com
  • dropboxexperiment.com
  • dropboxforums.com
  • dropboxforum.com
  • dropboxinsiders.com
  • dropboxlegal.com
  • dropboxmail.com
  • dropboxpartners.com
  • dropboxstatic.com
  • dropboxteam.com
  • dropbox.tech
  • dropbox.zendesk.com
  • getdropbox.com
  • learn.dropbox.com
  • links.dropbox.com

Other verified domains

These are other verified domains Dropbox uses. You typically won’t see these domains in your browser address bar, but they are used for things like protecting account login pages and DNS requests.

  • c.evidon.com
  • cdn.arkoselabs.com
  • cfl.dropboxstatic.com
  • consent.dropbox.com
  • ungated.dropbox.com
  • dropbox-api.arkoselabs.com
  • dropbox-dns.com
  • l.evidon.com
  • www.google.com/recaptcha/
  • apis.google.com/js/
  • www.gstatic.com/recaptcha/
  • paper-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com

URLs used to host user data

These paths are used to host content for users when they create links to their folders and files (for example, using shared links). Dropbox doesn't use these paths to ask you for private or personal information.

  • dl.dropboxusercontent.com/*
  • dl-eu.dropboxusercontent.com
  • *.dl-eu.dropboxusercontent.com
  • dl-au.dropboxusercontent.com
  • *.dl-au.dropboxusercontent.com
  • dl-jp.dropboxusercontent.com
  • *.dl-jp.dropboxusercontent.com
  • dl-uk.dropboxusercontent.com
  • *.dl-uk.dropboxusercontent.com
  • dl.dropbox.com/*
  • dl-eu.dropbox.com
  • dl-au.dropbox.com
  • dl-jp.dropbox.com
  • dl-uk.dropbox.com
  • dl-web.dropbox.com/*
  • dl-web-eu.dropbox.com
  • dl-web-au.dropbox.com
  • dl-web-jp.dropbox.com
  • dl-web-uk.dropbox.com
  • dl-client.dropbox.com/*
  • dl-doc.dropbox.com/*
  • dl-doc.dropboxusercontent.com/*
  • api-content.dropbox.com/*
  • api-content-eu.dropbox.com
  • api-content1-eu.dropbox.com
  • api-content-au.dropbox.com
  • api-content1-au.dropbox.com
  • api-content-jp.dropbox.com
  • api-content1-jp.dropbox.com
  • api-content-uk.dropbox.com
  • api-content1-uk.dropbox.com
  • content.dropboxapi.com/*
  • content-eu.dropboxapi.com
  • content-au.dropboxapi.com
  • content-jp.dropboxapi.com
  • content-uk.dropboxapi.com
  • api-content-photos.dropbox.com/*
  • files-eu.dropbox.com
  • files-au.dropbox.com
  • files-jp.dropbox.com
  • files-uk.dropbox.com
  • showbox-tr.dropbox.com/*
  • showbox-eu.dropbox.com
  • showbox-au.dropbox.com
  • showbox-jp.dropbox.com
  • showbox-uk.dropbox.com
  • photos.dropbox.com/*
  • photos-*.dropbox.com/*
  • dl-debug*.dropbox.com/*
  • bolt.dropbox.com/
  • *.dropbox.com/content_link/*
  • *.dropbox.com/content_link_zip/*
  • *.dropbox.com/content_link_htmlify/*
  • *.dropbox.com/content_link_preview/*
  • *.dropbox.com/link_token_dl/*
  • *.dropbox.com/link_token_dl_zip/*
  • *.dropbox.com/zip_collection/*
  • *.dropbox.com/transcode_video/*
  • *.dropbox.com/hls_transcode/*
  • *.dropbox.com/t/*
  • *.dropbox.com/u/
  • *.dropbox.com/s/*
  • *.dropbox.com/sh/*
  • *.dropbox.com/sc/
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/album/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/c/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/cc/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/cl/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/cp/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/conversation_add/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/conversation_invite/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/conversation_preview/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/post/*
  • *.dropbox.com/photos/c/permanent_collection_thumb/*
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