FAQs about selling on Dropbox Shop

This article answers frequently asked questions about selling on Dropbox Shop.

Do buyers need to have a Dropbox account to purchase items on Dropbox Shop?

No, anyone can buy your items, regardless of whether they have a Dropbox account.

Can buyers see other items on Dropbox Shop?

If you share an individual listing, buyers will only be able to see and buy the item(s) in that listing. If you share your entire shop, buyers will only be able to see and buy the item(s) in the listings that you’ve added to your shop.

Can I have more than one file type in a listing?

Yes, you can include multiple file types in a single listing.

What file types can I sell on Dropbox Shop?

You can sell any file type that can be uploaded to Dropbox. Learn more about some of the most commonly sold file types.

Can I refund a sale on Dropbox Shop?

Yes. If a buyer contacts you to request a refund, you can refund them through your payment processor.

Does Dropbox charge for selling on Dropbox Shop?

No, the only transaction fee is the processing fee our payment providers charge. This is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

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