How to transition to the new Dropbox

The new Dropbox desktop experience is a single workspace to organize your content, connect your tools, and bring everyone on your team together. This new experience includes a new desktop app, a new way to organize your content called Dropbox Spaces, and smarter features and tool integrations so you can quickly get to work. Let’s explore some of the changes and preview the desktop app.

Meet the new Dropbox desktop app

Step 1

Bring your folders to life with Spaces

Step 2

Integrate tools into your new workspace

Step 3

1. Meet the new Dropbox desktop app

When your team transitions to the new Dropbox desktop experience, you’ll still see the Dropbox icon in your system tray or menu bar and the Dropbox folder in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac), exactly as you did before. But now, you’ll also have a dedicated desktop app. You can access the app by opening the Dropbox application. The icon will appear in your task bar (Windows) or dock (Mac). You’ll also see the addition of smart features to Dropbox in your system tray or menu bar, in the For you tab.

right arrow Learn more about the Dropbox desktop app

The new Dropbox experience includes Dropbox in File Explorer and Finder (left), Dropbox in your system tray/menu bar (right), and a new Dropbox desktop app (center).

light bulbDesktop app FAQs 

Does the Dropbox desktop experience change the way my files sync?

The new Dropbox desktop experience doesn’t change the way your files sync between your Dropbox account and your computer in any way. Your files continue to sync exactly as they did before.

Can I opt out of the new desktop app?

There’s no way to opt out of the new desktop app once you’ve started using it. However, you can continue to use the Dropbox folder exactly as you did before, and you can even change your settings to continue to open your folders in Finder or File Explorer instead of the new app.

For admins: Can admins track or control who's using the new desktop app?

There’s currently no central place where admins can track or control who on their team is using the new desktop app.

Does the new desktop app use more CPU or RAM?

The new desktop app may consume more CPU and RAM at times, but the minimum Dropbox system requirements for the desktop app have not changed. If you experience issues, please contact support.

Is the new desktop app available on Linux?

The new Dropbox desktop app is not available on Linux.

Can you rearrange starred folders or choose suggested people?

The Suggested people and Starred folders lists on the left-side of the new desktop app are determined by your account activity. You can’t re-arrange starred folder priority or choose your suggested people.

Can you change the formatting, density, or column width of the new desktop app?

You can’t currently change the density options, formatting, or column width in the new desktop app, but we’re working on this for a future release.

Can you create team folders from the new desktop app?

You can’t create team folders or Dropbox Groups from the new desktop app. You can only create those from your account on

2. Bring your folders to life with Spaces

In the new Dropbox desktop experience, you’ll notice a space at the top of every folder that allows you to add additional features like a text description of the folder, pinned files and folders, links, and lists, just to name a few. Typing in that space to add any of these features turns the folder into a dynamic work environment called a Dropbox Space.

right arrow Learn more about Dropbox Spaces.

Click on the space at the top of your folder to add additional features like text, pinned files and folders, and links.

light bulbSpaces FAQs

What turns a folder into a Dropbox Space?

A Dropbox Space is simply what we call a folder after these additional features (like lists) have been added to it. Spaces have exactly the same capabilities as folders and you can turn any type of folder into Space. You can delete the features that turned the folder into a Space at any time.

How do Spaces work for people who don't have Dropbox?

A Space has exactly the same viewing and editing permissions as it did when it was a folder. If you share a Space with someone who isn’t using the new Dropbox, they can still view the Space on, but they can’t edit it until they are using the new Dropbox too.

Can you undo changes to a Dropbox Space?

There’s currently no way, on your own, to revert your Space back to an older version or retrieve features of a Space that you deleted. However, you can have this done for you if you contact support.

Do Dropbox Spaces appear in Finder?

Dropbox Spaces can only be seen from the Dropbox desktop app and They won’t show up in Finder. 

Can you disable comments in a Dropbox Space?

Just like a folder, any comments made to your Dropbox Space can be viewed on the desktop app and on There’s currently no way to disable comments.

3. Integrate all your tools into your new workspace

The new Dropbox integrates seamlessly with all of the tools your team uses everyday, like Slack, Zoom, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, and Microsoft Office. These new integrations keep your projects moving forward and your work focused. 

key Accelerate your workflow with quick access to applications

From the new desktop app and, you can preview your files before you open them in any application. Then, click the Open button to open the file in any available application (both online and on your computer). Click the Create button from any folder or Space to create Google Docs/Sheets/Slides and Microsoft Office Word/Excel/Powerpoint files directly in Dropbox, so you spend less time switching between apps and searching for files. 

right arrow Learn more about opening and editing your files in other applications.

right arrow Learn more about creating Google Docs/Sheets/Slides from Dropbox.

key Bring your meetings, calendars, and files together in one place

After you connect your Google or Outlook calendar, the new features in the system tray or menu bar intelligently suggest files for your upcoming meeting. You can also join your meetings from here and attach files to your upcoming meetings.

right arrow Learn more about using your calendars and meetings with Dropbox.

key Stay focused with convenient integrations

After you connect Slack and Zoom, from, you can message people in Slack and see Slack activity on files right from any file preview. On, you can present files in Zoom, message people in Zoom, see activity on Zoom meetings, and create and join Zoom meetings from any file preview. 

right arrow Learn more about the new Dropbox and Slack integration.

right arrow Learn more about the new Dropbox and Zoom integration.

Click the Dropbox icon in your system tray/menu bar to join your meeting and view suggested files.

light bulbTool integration FAQs

Can you turn integrations off?

Dropbox team admins can turn integrations on and off for their entire team

Individual team members can also turn integrations on and off for themselves in the Connected apps tab of their settings. 

Note: If a team member is already connected to an app or Extension in their settings, turning it off doesn’t disconnect them. It only prevents team members who have never connected from connecting in the future. Likewise, turning it on doesn’t automatically connect team members, but it gives them the option to connect in the future.

What does the Outlook calendar integration require?

You must be connected to each app in your settings to see the integrations in Dropbox, including Slack, Zoom, and calendar/meeting integrations. 

The Outlook calendar integration requires an active Office 365 subscription with OAuth 2.0 login enabled. 

Can you open Office Online files from the new desktop app?

You currently can’t open files in Office Online from the new desktop app, but you can open them in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint on your computer.

Does my team need licenses for the integrations?

Team members need O365 licenses to create Microsoft files and GSuite licenses to create Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from the new desktop app.

Which types of files can preview in the new desktop app?

Not all files that can open in a full preview on can preview in the new desktop app. Here’s a full list of what can and can’t preview. (Anything with a ** next to it in this list only previews on and not on the desktop app). To view a file that you can’t preview on the desktop app, open the file in an application or on

Can you create Paper docs from the new desktop app?

You can create Dropbox Paper files from the new Dropbox, including from the app. Your team may be using the 2020 release of Dropbox Paper, which allows you to store Paper docs in your Dropbox folders on with your other files and folders. If not, then Paper docs are stored separately on

Do Slack comments appear on file previews?

Slack comments don’t currently appear on file previews.

Bonus: Become an expert on the new Dropbox

Dropbox can help you focus on the work that matters most with our free educational resources. We have live trainings, self-guided courses, video tutorials, and quick-start guides so you can pick the one that’s right for you.

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