Dropbox Pro 2 TB or 5 TB plans and access to Professional features

Some long-time Dropbox users will have a Dropbox "Pro" plan (which is different from our Plus or Professional plans), and 2 TB or 5 TB of storage space. These users also now have access to all of the great features of Dropbox Professional at no additional charge.

Below you'll find answers to some frequently asked questions about this update for users on a Dropbox Pro 2 TB or 5 TB plan.

I got a message about Dropbox Professional. Is anything changing with my Dropbox Pro 2 TB or 5 TB account?

Yes. If you were on a Dropbox Pro 2 TB or Pro 5 TB plan, you'll now be on the Dropbox Professional 2 TB or 5 TB plan. You also now have access to all of the great new features included in the Professional plan. These include Smart Sync, Showcase, viewer history, full-text search, priority chat support, and more.

Will I be charged more for my Dropbox Professional 2 TB or 5 TB plan?

No. If you have one of these plans, there won't be any additional cost for access to Professional features.

Will anything change with my billing?

No. Nothing will change with your current billing. You'll be on the same billing cycle (monthly or yearly), and you'll continue to be billed on the same day you always were.

Will I lose my 2 TB or 5 TB of storage space?

No. Nothing will change with your existing 2 TB or 5 TB of storage space.

I have a 1 TB Plus or 2 TB Professional plan—can I purchase 2 TB or 5 TB of space?

No. These plans with more storage space were only available for a limited time several years ago. They are no longer available for purchase. All new Plus plans will have 1 TB of storage space, while all new Professional plans will have 2 TB of storage space.

What features are available to me on the Dropbox Professional plan?

For a full list of the features available on a Dropbox Professional account, visit our individual plans page to see a side-by-side comparison of each option.

Read on to see some highlights of the features now available to users with Dropbox Pro 2 TB and 5 TB plans.

Smart Sync

Smart Sync is a Dropbox feature that helps you save space on your hard drive. Access every file and folder in your Dropbox account from your computer, using virtually no hard drive space. Smart Sync is available for customers on a Dropbox Professional or Dropbox Business plan. With Smart Sync, you can:

  • Choose if individual files or folders are available online-only or locally on your computer
  • Select a default sync setting for new files and folders that are shared with you

Learn more about Dropbox Smart Sync.


Showcase is a new way to share with Dropbox. With Showcase you can select files from your Dropbox account, arrange them onto a single page, and share it with others. You can also track who views, downloads, or comments on the files in a showcase. Showcase is a great way to curate your work, and add in your branding, custom layouts, and captions.

Learn more about Dropbox Showcase.

Priority chat support

Dropbox Professional customers have access to priority chat support. This means that we can often reply to questions within a matter of minutes (during normal business hours).

Learn more about the support options available with Dropbox Professional.

File version history

With Dropbox Professional, we’ll store the version history of your files for 120 days (or longer, if you already have extended version history). This means that you can undo a change to a file anytime within 120 days of that change.

Learn more about file version history.

Shared link controls

Dropbox Professional customers have more control over what they share, and how:

  • Passwords for shared links—Create an additional layer of security so only people with a unique file password can access your link.
  • Expirations for shared links—Safeguard your sensitive files by setting an expiration date for shared links. When this expiration date passes, the shared link stops working.
  • View-only permissions—Choose whether recipients can edit or just view files in a shared folder.

Viewer history

With viewer history, Professional customers can see if someone they shared a file with is currently viewing it, or when they last viewed it.

Learn more about viewer history.

Full text search

Full-text search allows you to search beyond the names of your files. It scans file names, extensions, and file contents, as well as Paper docs, to help you find what you’re looking for. Full-text search isn't case sensitive, and it includes personalized spell correction on your search queries.

Learn more about full text search.

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