File activity

File activity is a log of the latest activity on a file, folder, or project.

  • Owners and editors of a file can see activity on that file, including when someone changes or edits the file
  • Viewers (those who can view a file because they've received a shared link to it) can't see file activity

View file activity

  1. Sign in to
  2. Open a file.
  3. Click "→" (arrow icon) to show the sidebar.
  4. Click Activity.

In the Activity tab, you can see who performed an action and when the action happened. This includes when a file is:

  • Added
  • Edited
  • Moved
  • Renamed

You can also see sharing actions, including when:

  • The file was shared
  • Member roles changed
  • The file was unshared

File activity shows the entire history of a file, and any person with access to edit a file will see the same file history.


  • If your account has access to viewer info, you can also see who viewed a file, and whether they're currently viewing that file
  • If a file is downloaded and edits are made outside of Dropbox, these edits are not reflected on the file and aren’t recorded
  • Viewing activity (whether someone else viewed a file) will only be available if viewer info is enabled for that individual file

File activity and file version history

If you use version history to restore a file back to a previous version, the file activity on the file will remain the same. In other words, file activity won't revert to the activity shown in the previous version you're restoring to.

For example, imagine that you create a file 5 days ago, and then edit that file today. If you choose to restore to the version from 5 days ago, you'll still see the file activity of all edits, including the ones made today.

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