How to transfer ownership of a Paper doc

This article discusses a feature that's only available to members of a Dropbox Business team. If you're not a member or admin on a Dropbox Business team, you won't be able to transfer ownership of a Paper doc.

If you're a member of a Dropbox Business team, you can easily transfer ownership of a Paper doc to another member of the same team. Team admins can also transfer ownership of any doc that they currently have access to.

To transfer doc ownership:

  1. Open a Paper doc.
  2. Click Invite or Share.
  3. Click the dropdown beside the name of the person you'd like to transfer ownership to.
    • If you don't see their name, share the doc using their email address first.
  4. Select Make owner.

Note: You can share docs between business and personal accounts, but you can't transfer doc ownership from a business to a personal account.

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