Extended version history overview

The feature in this article is available to Dropbox Business teams that have purchased either the Extended Version History Add-On or the Data Governance Add-On.

Note: The previous extended version history add-on offered to Dropbox Plus users is no longer available for purchase. If you previously purchased this add-on, you can recover any file you’ve deleted or changed within one year.

Your default file version history depends on the type of Dropbox account you have. However, with extended version history, you can recover any file deleted or changed in the last 10 years.


  • The 10-year version history period begins the day you purchase the Extended Version History Add-On or the Data Governance Add-On.
  • You can’t recover permanently deleted files with extended version history. If you’d like to recover permanently deleted files, you can purchase the Data Governance Add-On instead.
  • Previous versions of files and deleted files do not count against your storage quota.
  • If you unshare a folder, you won’t be able to recover any files within that folder.
  • Files may be deleted before the end of the version history period if they are part of a data disposition policy.
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