What is Dropbox Transfer?

You can use Dropbox Transfer to send files you don’t need to collaborate on. For example, you might use Dropbox Transfer to email a link to a finalized contract or deliver a finished product.

When you send a transfer, the recipient receives a shareable link they can click to download the files. A Dropbox account isn’t required to access or download a transfer.

Customers on Dropbox Professional, Advanced, Enterprise, or Education can also customize transfers with custom expiration dates, passwords, logos and backgrounds.

The size limit of your transfer depends on the plan you have:

  • Dropbox Basic (free): 100 MB
  • Dropbox Plus, Family, and Standard: 2 GB
  • Dropbox Professional, Advanced, Enterprise, Education, and Transfer: 100 GB

Note: Customers who have purchased the Dropbox Replay Add-On (formerly the Creative Tools Add-On) can send transfers of up to 250 GB.

When are transfers deleted from Dropbox servers?

Expired transfers are deleted from Dropbox servers after a set period of time. This deletion timeline will depend on your subscription type: 

  • Basic, Plus, Family, or team: transfers are deleted 30 days after their expiration date. 
  • Professional, Advanced, Enterprise, Education, and Transfer: transfers are deleted 180 days after their expiration date. 

When a transfer is deleted, it’s removed from the Expired tab on dropbox.com.

You can choose to delete the transfer yourself, which immediately and permanently deletes it from Dropbox.

Find out more on how to create and send transfers, how to view sent and received transfers, and how to manage Dropbox Transfer for your team account.

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