What is the Dropbox file size limit?

Updated Sep 13, 2023
The Dropbox file size limit depends on the platform you’re uploading from. See the table below for more information.


Platforms Maximum file size
Desktop app 2 TB
Mobile app 2 TB
dropbox.com 50 GB
Dropbox API 350 GB


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Note: All files uploaded to your Dropbox account must be smaller than your storage space. For example, if your account has a storage quota of 2 GB, you can upload one 2 GB file or many files that add up to 2 GB. If you are over your storage quota, Dropbox will stop syncing.

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What types of files can I upload to Dropbox?

You can upload most file types, but there are some exceptions, like certain types of symlinks.lnk files, and web-based files.

What if my Dropbox file is too large to be uploaded?

If you are trying to upload a file to dropbox.com that is larger than the 50 GB file size limit, you can download the Dropbox desktop app and upload it from there. 

Alternatively, you could compress your file to make it smaller and try the upload again.

FAQs about upload limitations

How do I upload files to Dropbox?

You can upload files and folders to Dropbox on dropbox.com or through the desktop app. You can also upload photos and videos from your mobile device using the Dropbox mobile app. 

Files and folders uploaded online through dropbox.com can be up to 50 GB each. Files and folders uploaded on the Dropbox desktop app can be up to 2 TB each.

Learn more about adding files and folders to your Dropbox account.

Is there a file or folder name length limit?

Yes, there are limits for naming files and folders:  

  • Use less than 260 characters in file or folder paths
  • Don’t use special characters in file names 
  • Don’t add a space at the end of a file or folder name
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