Admins: manage file requests

  • For instructions on creating a file request, visit this article
  • For instruction on uploading to a file request, visit this article

Manage your team's file requests

Dropbox Business admins will be able to manage file requests for their team in two ways:

1. View your team's file requests activity.

Team admins and user management admins can view certain file request activities for their team members in the Activity tab:

  • When a team member creates a file request
  • When a team member receives an uploaded file to a file request

2. Turn off file requests for your team.

From the Settings tab in the admin console, team admins can enable or disable file requests for the entire team.

  • Note: File requests default to being enabled on new Dropbox Business teams. If you disable file requests, no one on the team will be able to create a file request from their Dropbox Business account. In addition, any pre-existing file requests will be deactivated.

Common questions

Is there a limit on the size of files Dropbox Business team members can request?

For file requests created by Dropbox Business team members, the maximum file size that can be uploaded to a file request is 20 GB.

If team members have connected two Dropbox accounts, which account will requested files go to?

If members on a Dropbox Business team have both work and personal Dropbox accounts connected, files uploaded to a file request will default to saving in a folder in their Dropbox Business account. When creating a file request, the team member can change the destination of uploaded files to their personal account.

Can a Dropbox Business admin close a specific team member's file request?

No. Team members must close their own requests.

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