How many devices can I use with my Dropbox account?

Dropbox Plus, Professional, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise customers can sign in to an unlimited number of devices, but there are limits for users on Dropbox Basic.

When you sign into the Dropbox desktop or mobile app on a device, that device is added to your device list in the security page of your account settings.

Depending on your plan, you may only be allowed to be signed into a certain number of devices at a time. Here are the device limits for each plan:

  • Basic users can be signed into up to three devices at a time.
    • Note: If you're a Basic user, any devices you signed in to prior to March 2019 will remain on your device list, even if you're signed into more than three. However, if you'd like to sign into a new device, you'll have to sign out of your existing devices in order to do so or upgrade your Dropbox account.
  • Plus, Family, and Professional users can sign into as many devices as they need.
  • Dropbox team users can sign into as many devices as they need, but admins on Advanced and Enterprise teams can limit the number of devices their teams can link.

Note: Signing in to doesn’t count toward this number or add that device to your device list.

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What do I do if my device limit is reached?

If you’re a Basic user and you’re already signed into three devices, the next time you attempt to sign into a device, you’ll be prompted to sign out of one of your existing devices.

You can also sign out of devices to remove them from your device list.

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