Is there a limit to the number of devices I can link to my account?

Basic users have a three device limit as of March 2019.

Plus and Professional users can link as many devices as they need.

Business users can link as many devices as they need, but Advanced and Enterprise Dropbox Business admins can limit the number of devices that their teams can link.

Learn more about linked devices.

What do I do if my device limit is reached?

If you're a Basic user and you linked more than three devices prior to March 2019, all of your previously linked devices remain linked.

However, if you'd like to link a new device (or re-link a previously linked device), you must unlink all currently linked devices (down to less than three), and then you can link your new devices (up to three).

Learn how to link and unlink devices. 

To link more than three devices, upgrade your Dropbox account.

New to Dropbox?

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