Package files and Dropbox

A package file is a file format used in Apple computers (macOS). It is used most often by applications like Keynote, Pages, GarageBand, and others. While package files appear to be a single file when viewed on an Apple computer, they actually contain many other files and are represented as a folder on non-Apple computers and most web browsers.

Currently, there are several ways to upload package files to Dropbox while ensuring compatibility on all your computers, devices, and browsers:

To upload on, you can try one of the following two methods:

  • Drag-and-drop the package file to (if your browser supports it)
  • Zip the file, then upload it using the Upload button


  • To zip a file on macOS:
    • Ctrl-click the file, then click Compress…
  • To zip a file on Windows:
    • Right-click the file, then click Send to… and choose Compressed folder

To upload on the Dropbox desktop application:

  • Move or copy the file into the Dropbox folder on your computer. The Dropbox desktop application will then sync the file in the correct format.
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