Dropbox support for macOS 12.5 or later

Dropbox is continuing to expand the rollout of full support for macOS 12.5 and later. The latest version of Dropbox for macOS utilizes Apple’s updated File Provider API and fixes issues related to opening online-only files in third-party applications. This updated experience is more deeply integrated with macOS and comes with some changes required by the API. 

Dropbox is actively working to preserve the reliability and quality of our sync experience along with these changes. If you haven’t already received the new Dropbox for macOS with support for the File Provider API, you can expect it between now and the end of May 2023.


  • We’re working directly with a small subset of macOS users with complex configurations to ensure their migration is as seamless as possible. 
  • Some macOS users with complex configurations—like those storing their Dropbox folder on an external drive—won’t be migrated at this time. These users will continue on their existing Dropbox experience.

While we recommend opting-in to the latest version of Dropbox for macOS with support for the File Provider API, this migration isn’t required for you to continue using Dropbox. If you are not interested in receiving the latest update, you can still open online-only files directly in Finder. 

You’ll receive a notification from the Dropbox icon in your menu bar when an update to Dropbox for macOS leveraging the File Provider API is available. If you’re interested in joining our early access program, here’s how you can opt in:

  • Dropbox Basic, Plus, Professional, and Family: Turn on early releases and keep an eye out for a notification to opt-in.
  • Dropbox Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, and Education: Contact your Account Team or Customer Support for more information. 

Want to get support and share your feedback on using Dropbox for macOS? Join the conversation in our community forum.

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