Connect the desktop app to a proxy server

You can connect the Dropbox desktop app to a proxy server, if there’s one available, in your desktop app preferences. If you’re not sure if you should connect to one or not, you can choose Auto-detect, which is the default setting, or if you’re on a Dropbox Business team, ask your admin.

To connect the Dropbox desktop app to a proxy server: 

  1. Open your Dropbox desktop app preferences
  2. On Windows, click the Proxies tab. On Mac, click the Network tab
  3. On Mac, click Change Settings… next to Proxies.
  4. Choose your preferred Dropbox proxy setting:
    • If you’d like Dropbox to ignore all proxy servers, choose No proxy.

    • If you’d like Dropbox to connect to a proxy server if it’s available, or if you don’t know and wish to go with the default settings, choose Auto-detect.

    • If you’d like to connect to a new proxy server, choose Manual and enter the proxy type, server, and username and password, if there is one.

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